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Who We Are

Hello! We are Eric and Lauren Saline, also known as the Wild Made Family. We started Wild Made Design in 2019 with a combined 20+ years of experience in ecological design and living.

We met in 2005 while attending college at Franklin University Switzerland located in Lugano, Switzerland. During our college years studying Visual and Communication Arts, we discovered a mutual love for traveling, food, and permaculture.


Since college we got married, earned certifications in Permaculture Design, welcomed our daughter to the world, and have transformed hundreds of landscapes with our holistic design approach.

Lauren & Eric

What We Do

We provide consultation and design services to homes and businesses looking to improve the efficiency of their landscapes.  We have prime directives for each of our projects:

  • Regenerate depleted soil by increasing biological activity - i.e. composting, mulching​

  • Harvest rainwater that would otherwise go down the drain - in rain tanks and in the earth

  • Recycle greywater from laundry machines and bathtubs when possible.

  • Grow food, medicine and refuge for people and wildlife

Wild Made Design is committed to going

beyond sustainability and regenerating ecosystems

that provide food, medicine and refuge for all living things.



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