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Garden Consultation

Our consultations provide valuable insight for any situation.  These information-packed meetings are a necessary part of our design services, however they can be scheduled separately to get advice for an ongoing installation or simply to figure out which veggies to plant next season.  Your meeting is an opportunity to get any and all of your garden questions answered!  We offer different kinds of consults, depending on your goals.  

Virtual design Consultation


Meet your garden goals from the comfort of your living room! Prior to your consultation, we will have you fill out our proprietary questionnaire and send us a few photos of your site.  During our meeting, you will get plant suggestions that match your style, an idea of how your space can be laid out, water harvesting calculations, and more.  Be prepared to take careful notes!  If you are interested in having the space designed, we will propose design options at the end of our meeting.  Virtual consultations can take up to an hour and are conducted via Zoom or FaceTime.

On-Site Design 


  During this meeting, we will walk through your garden with you and answer any and all questions that you have.  Prior to our meeting, we will analyze satellite and GIS data to give you valuable insight about the possibilities your garden holds.  If appropriate, we will propose design services that best suit your needs.  This meeting is included in our Standard Design Package and can take 1-2 hours.  


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