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Our Process


The first step to any of our services is a consultation to assess the project scope. To make our meeting time as productive as possible, we will gather some general details beforehand through our initial questionnaire.


Consultations are primarily done virtually. During the meeting we will assess the site and discuss your vision. We will gather the information and data required to address your needs in relation to the ecological blueprint of your landscape.

Landscape Design

Following your consultation, we will begin the design phase.  Designs typically take 4-6 weeks to complete depending on our schedule and include a mid-way progress meeting. Click here to see what is included in our design packages! 


Turf removal projects, exterior remodels, and many garden additions require the insight gained through this intensive observation and research-oriented  process.  This is your chance to see your garden in the foliage, in full maturity, before you even break ground!   




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